Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Weather Lately

I'm hoping with all my hopes that the weather has finally turned.

About one and one-half inch of snow, which covered the ground, fell sometime between nightfall last Friday and sunrise last Saturday.
By Sunday, however, it was gone because it was light and powdery.

The snowfall was frustrating. Before it happened, I could see clear patches of ground where the earlier snow had melted. A lot of the remaining snow was in large drifts or in mostly-shaded places.

By Monday, however, the scene looked as it did before the snowfall.

With highs this week forecast from the mid 30s to the mid 40s, most of the snow should be gone by next Sunday.

As for last month, weather people say 17.5 inches of snow had fallen in the Indianapolis area. The average snowfall is 6.1 inches.

The record snowfall during February in the Indianapolis area was 21.7 inches in 2003. (By the way, and for your information, 18.2 inches fell in February 2007.)

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