Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Old Days

Below is a picture that came to my mind sometime in the middle 1990s. I plan to flesh it out and use it in some fiction I'll write. In the meantime, I present this picture in words for you.
The scene opens on a Saturday during the winter, sometimes between Eisenhower's second term and Kennedy's assassination, in a small town in the Midwest ... the old men born when Theodore Roosevelt was president are still around ... they wear hats and long coats when it's cold ... they still run the businesses in town ... local control still exists ... local owners and operators ... groceries, pharmacies, hardware stores and haberdashers are still downtown ... this was a time definitely before most malls were built or even imagined ... the interestate was only on blueprints ... and the interurban is gone ... they believe that the high school kids are a little confused but all right ... some of them might throw rocks through a few windows ... but if that was all they did, they weren't bad ... they were controllable ... it was a strangely quiet time in a square john world ...

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