Sunday, March 7, 2010

Race Trumps Sex

When S. heard his friend A. say he probably wouldn't fuck a black woman because of her race, S. was surprised.

He's fuck some black women if they were sexy enough and fit his standards of lust. Race wasn't a factor at all. But A.'s statement proved mind over cock. Most of the time, the cock wins because it's not an inhibited.

Looks like racism has another victim, S. thought of A. And this one's white. He's closed himself off to experiences if they are predominately black. Too bad.

As the years passed, S. became less of a friend to A. and more of a semifriendly acquaintance. He didn't entirely cut A. out of his life, but he put a lot more distance between them then he had in the past.

A lot of people say: Don't burn you bridges, S. thought. I'm not gonna do that with A. but I'm gonna let it rot from neglect.

Then he realized bridges didn't rot because they weren't organic. The word decline wasn't strong or powerful enough, so he checked the dictionary and found the word he wanted to use was deteriorate: The best example of a process of a thing that wasn't living and never was alive.

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