Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Prophetic Vision

I wrote what's posted below on Dec. 1, 1996. I know the date for certain because I noted is from some pages I took from a notebook I kept during that time. It definitely was written before 9-11.

I was afraid that, in 20 to 25 years, the world would see a depression, then a big war.

One scenario would be Christendom, for lack of a better word, against Islam. Japan and China would be wild cards. Would they be neutral at the start of the war but end up helping Christendom, just as the United States did in World Wars One and Two?

Another scenario would be, no later than 2040, an alliance between Moslem countries, China and some Orthodox countries against "The West" -- nominally Catholic or Protestant countries in Europe and the Americas, along with Japan, Thailand, and Malaysia. No nukes would be used. The big factors would be if Russia would stay neutral or at the least out of the anti-western camp and what side Sub-Saharan African countries with a non-Moslem majority would take

By that time I'll be too old for it or possibly dead.

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