Friday, February 26, 2010

The Age Of H

Ace: This is the age of H.

Deuce: What do you mean by that?

Ace: Think of all the things that are prominent that begin with the letter H -- like home, hearth ...

Deuce: And heroin.

Ace: Well, if you insist ... I'm also thinking of haste, house ... and horses.

Deuce: Hobbies.

Ace: And hobbyhorses.

Deuce: Harlequins.

Ace: Hallucinations.

Deuce: Harlots.

Ace: Hector -- guys named that.

Deuce: Holy water.

Ace: And holiness in general.

Deuce: Hops.

Ace: And hoppers.

Deuce: Hyacinths.

Ace: What's that?

Deuce: A flower.

Ace: Heaven.

Deuce: And definitely Hell!

Ace: Horse shoes.

Deuce: And horse shit!

Ace: Huckleberries.

Deuce: Hoplites.

Ace: What's that?

Deuce: Soldiers in ancient Greece.

Ace: Halls.

Deuce: Highways.

Ace: And add to that ... byways.

Deuce: Hobnailed boots.

Ace: Headlights.

Deuce: And highlights.

Ace: You know, I used to date a girl who had big breasts and frosted hair. But she wasn't all that smart. She had headlights and highlights -- but no bright lights.

Deuce: Hypocracy.

Ace: Hope.

Deuce: And hopelessness.

Ace: Hankerchiefs.

Deuce: Holes.

Ace: Holiness.

Deuce: You said that before!

Ace: Sorry.

Deuce: Haberdashers. And haberdasheries.

Ace: History.

Deuce: And horrors -- too often, history is a long list of horrors.

Ace: Habits.

Deuce: Haricots.

Ace: What's that?

Deuce: French for carrots.

Ace: Whores.

Deuce: That word begins with a W.

Ace: Yeah, but it's pronounced with an H.

Deuce: Holidays.

Ace: And holy days.

Deuce: And happy days.

Ace: Heritage

Deuce: You know, if there's a group or organization with heritage or liberty in its name, it's usually some conservative to reactionary operation. Worshiped George W. Bush. HATED Clinton. Not too fond of Obama -- but that's kept under wraps, because mentioning him would unveil their racism.

Ace: Hash.

Deuce: Hot.

Ace: Heat.

Deuce: Hums.

Ace: And humming.

Deuce: You forgot a big one -- HATE!

Ace: What -- no love?

Deuce: Hey -- you're the one who said this is the age of H. I'm just going along with you.

Ace: You're right.

Deuce: Let's stop this now. It's getting degenerate.

Ace: As if it was every generating anything in the first place.

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