Sunday, February 14, 2010

Frank On Women

While I was going through my notes, I came across another dispatch from my friend Frank.

I post this here for your amusement and enlightenment.
sometimes when I'm walking down the street, and the wind is blowing ... light enough enough to stir the skirts of the ladies ... i have this strong desire very strong in fact to lift the skirts of every woman i see ... that is if they're wearing skirts ... stick my head up those skirts, put down their panties ... if they're wearing any .. and breath the musk from their pussies ... oh in my mind how I swoon as i lick them suck them and thrill them until they come ... i sure as hell don't feel guilty about my desire ... only frustrated that I don't know any woman who would let me do this to her ... for I AM a pussy worshiper ... i'd take them in just as a Christian takes in communion ... and a lot of women don't like to be worshiped or be put on a pedestal for they fear they will disappoint their followers until blind worshipers become angry and hateful rebels against they thing they once worshiped ... and they fear the disappointments is inevitable ... there's something frustrating about the limits that people put on themselves or the same they feel about their sexuality, or fear that they will be punished if they use it ...
I'll say this Frank; he doesn't repress his thoughts and I'm the person to whom he can express them without fear or shame. I guess that's one part of being a friend.

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