Saturday, February 13, 2010

Life ... Too Much Of It ...

Life ...
too much of it
fucked-up people
fucking over
other fucked-up people
Clowns without greasepaint walk the streets in life outside the circus tent.

Too many people are like that.

Especially me.
He was the type of strongly hard-core and slightly paranoid conservative who thought The Weather Channel was part of the liberal media.
Anita wore white to show her innocence.
She wore blue to show her experience.
She wore red to show her desire.
are abounding.

are rotating.

It's later
Than you think.
Outer space; it's a far-out place!
Motel Indiana ... on Route 57, three miles north of town, next to Miller's Bible College and Barber School.
Grow the fuck up, you fuck up!
Jess, Bess, Tess ... I tell you all, it's just a mess!
What takes money for sex and swims upstream?
A prostitrout.
They act more American that George Washington eating an apple pie (with his wooden teeth, of course) during a baseball game on the Fourth of July.
This whore
Is for
Rent or sale.
Your choice,
Big Daddy.

There's Ernesto and his goddamn entourage. They couldn't do anything without making a big production of it.

And there were two girls in it. When they talked, they sounded like goddamn ducks.
Pain stopped by and wanted a minute of your time.
The couple's power dynamics were top dog and bottom bitch.
Finger fucking a slut in both holes is finger fucking good!
The adult movie is
XXX-ploding onto the movie screen!
YYY, you say?
Because we can.
NY not?
The instigator's main pleasure was making dreams go false instead of come true.

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