Thursday, February 4, 2010

Damn Weather ...


The National Weather Service is forecasting, as of this morning, a severe weather advisory. It will start late tonight/early Friday morning and will continue through Saturday morning.

Between four to eight inches of snow is supposed to fall. About a tenth of an inch of ice will fall before that.

Travelling will be hazardous Friday morning because of ice on the roads and streets. It also will be hazardous in Friday afternoon and evening because blowing and drifting snow will cover the roads and visibility will be bad.

Weather like this is why I despise January and February.

I fear ice-covered streets and roads. In fact, I won't go onto the interstates if it's in the forecast because I'm afraid of sliding off and being ignored by semi drivers. I'll travel city streets if I must, even if it'll take longer.

Also, during several days in January, the temperature didn't get above 20 degrees. The lows were in the single digits, and wind chills made it seem a lot colder.

I can't wait until spring weather comes! I'm sick and tired of the cold, the lousy precipitation, and the overcast days. It sure doesn't help my temperment, which hasn't been the best because of recent developments (click here to see what they were).

ADDENUM: I would've started this post with the word cazart, which I though was a synonym for damn. But according to, cazart means "Holy shit! I should've known!"

It was either invented or popularized by Hunter Thompson.

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