Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Jimmy Stewart Wows The Crowd

Here's another commonplace post. It appeared in the April 2003 issue of Vanity Fair magazine.

Jimmy Stewart ... in 1975, was asked to do a run of Harvey, his 1950 film success, on the stage in London. It's about a rather nebbishy man who has an invisible six-foot rabbit for a friend. My producer friend Jim Wharton and I went over to see it, and Jimmy gave a magnificent performance. I'll never forgot his curtain call. He came out and took a bow, and the English audience gave him a standing ovation. Then he did something magical. He turned to the wings and said, "Come on, Harvey, everyone wants to see you." By his gestures, he brought Harvey to the middle of the state and put his arm around him. Everybody in that theater would have sworn that he could actually see Harvey standing there with Jimmy. Then Jimmy stepped back and gave Harvey a solo bow, and the audience went wild.

I don't mention the author of it because I forgot to note it. For that, I apologize:

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