Saturday, March 7, 2009

mockingbird blues

from the top of his head
to the tip of his shoes,
he's got those
horrible terrible
mockingbird blues.
a pbs station had a funding drive.

the station's manager came on and says: "hey -- i upped my pledge to pbs. now up yours!"
sapphistry: sophistry to explain or justify lesbianism.
immigrants love their old country like a parent, but they love their new country like a spouse.
i say no to drugs.
i keep saying it, too.
but the drugs just won't listen.
they didn't fall in love. it was more like they fell into lust.
and from that, they fell into bed.
crystaline thinking --
alcoholic drinking --
your life, lost -- sinking --
a terrible thing.
instead of human beings, call them hume beans or hume bings.
when someone mentions the huddled masses yearning to be free, does that include the africans that came over on the slave ships?
the black dude was tired of white kids acting all gangsta and shit, going around saying "yo yo -- represent!" the only white people he wanted to represent him was his attorney or his congressman.

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