Friday, March 20, 2009

tv viewing patterns

i'm glad i don't have either cable television or a satellite dish. if i had either, i know i'd spend time -- a lot more than usual -- watching tv.

if i had either, i know the weather channel would be my first channel of choice. as you can tell, i've posted many times about the weather, so it interests me. the weather channel would change my fascination with it into an addiction. plus, it has a lot of attractive ladies on camera.

other channels i know i'd watch include:
  • espn and all its satellite channels, because i do follow sports;
  • wgn america, at least during baseball season for broadcasts of the chicago cubs;
  • amc and tbs for movies;
  • tnt for law and order reruns. i'm a big jerry orbach fan. rip, good sir;
  • e! for gossip and entertainent news;
  • comedy central
  • and discovery channel, for mythbusters and shows where guys would blow up things.
i would not watch the cable "news" channels that much. two or more with different opinions about a topic yelling and screaming at each other is not "news." it's terrible discourse.

i remember what some people wrote back in the 1950s and 1960s about television and its influence. they derided and decried it; that was when usually three to five channels were broadcast in an area -- mostly in black and white.

these days, i bet those people would go crazy with the thousands of channels now available -- and all of them broadcasting in color.

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