Monday, March 16, 2009

the reverse apocalypse

here's another dispatch from my friend frank. it came in the mail about two weeks ago:

if mankind was to disappear we would see the reverse apocalypse ... or we would not see it because we would not be around ... o well god and the angels would see it .. anyway it would go like this ... instead of the yellow red and oranges of the fires predicted by the book of revelations or the twilight of the gods what would come would be the green of the plants the blue of the sky the clear silver of the waters the white of the clouds ... it would not be sudden ... it would be growing slowly gravely as it were because a bomb is sudden and quick because of the explosion of and expansion of energy ... it's an event ... but the reverse apocalypse is a process which really as far as we know never started or we do not know when it started and we see no end to it ... and i am blocked and i do not know where to go with the comparison and contrast ... but i will say this ... there are people in this world this country this state this city hell even in this building some of them in this room who believe the apocalypse is coming and coming soon ... and the more influence they have and they closer they are to nukes and controlling them ... lord help us all because they are antilife ... they think they serve god but they serve the devil and the fiery destruction of earth would be the greatest and most happiness they would feel even though they would die too ... they think they will see it all happen while they are in heaven because they know they are going there and those they consider sinners will not be going there with them ... that is another reason why i despise christianity ... hell enough of the dreams of apocalypse that the holy roller preachers who see the second coming in the bible ... nostradamus for ignorant baptists and lesser minds ... think again of the reverse apocalypse which these fuckheads would not see then neither would you or me and how said would that be eh ...

frank added this postscript:

i wrote this when bush was president now obama is president and i do not think he wants any kind of apocalypse just wanted to get this out of my mind and off of my chest and out into the world can you do that for me harrison mi amigo

so done, frank.

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