Tuesday, March 10, 2009

night bird, rain bird

night bird, rain bird, let me come to you.

the streets are wet at 3 a.m. i walk them alone and sad, for i've seen the fates of people and the lives that they'll live.

if i was more sensitive, i'd cry. but i'm too hard for that.

if i was more cynical, i'd sneer. but i'm too soft for that.

both are luxuries i won't buy. they cost too much for my spirit soul.


it would be nice if i was with you.

i want to g. there. to be with you. night bird, rain bird.

you know the dark songs and dark woods, but you're not a part of them. you're lucky. you got out.

but you can't read my mind, so i call you. come on over, you say.

there's a warm drink and a fire. i talk with you and i feel better.

i sleep in your bed.

thanks for the rest, night bird, rain bird.

goodbye for now. i'll get with you later.

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