Tuesday, March 3, 2009

and the snakes should be insulted

ace: hey, i'm gonna have a party!

deuce: great! when? are you gonna invite me?

ace: sure. and it's gonna be next saturday.

deuce: i'll be there.

ace: i'm also gonna invite trey and some of his friends -- like quatro, fiver, and sixx.

deuce: hey -- don't invite trey or any of his friends!

ace: why not?

deuce: because they have the collective morals of a pit full of snakes.

ace: how do you know that?

deuce: my friend sebbin had a party and invited them. first, they drank all the booze. then they hit on all the women there; some of them were so pervy, they hit on the men. after that, they stole all of sebbin's valuables. and worst of all -- they broke into his hidden stash and stole all his good marijuana.

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