Saturday, November 15, 2008

fallinter is here

ace: man, the weather's been nasty this week.

deuce: it's been overcast, cold winds've been blowing, and rain's been falling for the last two or three days. you had a cold lately; the last two days haven't helped you. in fact, i think your cold's come back.

ace: it did. but it's retreating now.

deuce: that's good to hear.

ace: you know what? in the fall and winter and spring, whenever it rains around here, the temperatures drop between 10 to 20 degrees.

deuce: right. the weather usually gets cold after halloween and lasts that way until ... hm ... usually around midmarch, or at the latest by saint patrick's day.

ace: we're supposed to get snow flurries tonight. it'll be the first snow of the season.

deuce: yeah. damn. i was watching college football highlights and big flakes were falling in michigan.

ace: hey -- it's fall going into winter. it's fallinter!

deuce: what?

ace: fallinter. i combined fall and winter.

deuce: well, ain't you creative!

ace: hey, people used to make up words all the time. i heard that william shakespeare did.

deuce: are you trying to be shakespeare?

ace: i'm trying to be creative. don't be pressin me with your oppression, suppression, and repression.

deuce: is pressin another word you made up?

ace: yep. i thought of it about two years ago, if i remember correctly. fallinter i just thought of now.

deuce: well, when i think about it ... it IS original.

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