Saturday, November 15, 2008

whims usually don't pay off

al once had a lover. her name, for the sake of this story, will be anna.

one time after they had swived, anna was walking around her place topless. that was all right with al, but some of the shades of her windows were up and he didn't want her to display her charms to the world.

(by the way, she wore a 34c bra.)

"sweetheart, do you like showing off the twins when the shades aren't down?" he said.

"i used to do it a lot more," she said as she got back into bed and snuggled against al. "let me tell you a story.

"one friday evening afterwork -- it was in late april or early may when i was in my 20s and had just gotten fulltime work -- as soon as i walked into my apartment, i took off my blouse. then i took off my bra. then i went onto the balcony of my apartment -- i was on the third floor of that apartment complex -- and stood there for a while before i waved my boobs for all the world to see.

"i did it because i could sense that life was returning. winter was gone for now. the grass was newly green and the air was fresh. and i was frustrated by things -- work, my weight, lack of a boyfriend -- i could go into more details but i won't -- now.

"i waved them freely and with no shame.

"now on saturday morning, the day after i shook my boobs, i was taking my laundry room to the laundromat at the apartment. while i was going there, my path crossed with an older man who lived in the same complex.

"as we passed, he gave me a steady look. he was definitely measuring me.

"then i thought -- he must've seen me waving my boobs! because i remembered that he usually walked his dog about the same time that i got home from work.

"damn -- was i embarassed!"

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