Sunday, November 2, 2008

gas prices

i was out yesterday morning when i noticed the price of gas at a local service station.

it was $2.089 a gallon.

damn! i thought. that's a hell of a lot lower than it was earlier this year.

it was. gas prices in late may and early june, i found as i checked on the internet, were between $3.989 and $4.039 a gallon.

and the $2.089 a gallon isn't the cheapest price. some gas stations on the west side of indy, according to reports i read on the internet, are selling gas for $1.879 a gallon.

addenum, later today: i was out early this morning and noticed that the same service station is selling gas now at $1.989 a gallon -- 10 cents cheaper than yesterday.

addenum, november 19: the price of gas is now down to $1.849 a gallon, as it was on november 15.

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