Saturday, November 29, 2008

a scene in southern california

a highway patrolman pulled over a car.

"is there a problem, officer?" the driver said.

"no, there isn't," the patrolman said. "but -- congratulations."

"what for?" the driver said.

"because you're wearing your seat belt as required by law, you've just won $1,000 in a statewide safety competition," the patrolman said.

"great!" the driver said.

"by the way, sir -- what do you plan to do with the money?" the patrolman asked.

"well, i guess i'm going to get a driver's license," the driver said.

then a woman in the passenger seat said, "oh, don't listen to him -- he's a smart ass when he's drunk."

this woke up a man who was in the back seat. he took one look at the patrolman and said, "i knew we wouldn't get far in a stolen car."

at that moment, there was a knock from the trunk. a voice said, "ey, senor -- como nosotos salto la frontera?"*
*in english: "uh, sir -- are we over the border yet?"

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