Sunday, November 23, 2008

a prayer for the somewhat cynical

today is sunday. thursday will be thanksgiving day.

since they are usually days of religious reflection, also know as prayer, i have a special one for my readers and everyone else on the internet.

it's aimed at for the more cynical among you -- maybe even the more nihilistic.
lord, i have so much to be thankful for ...

i thank you for:

pain -- without it, i would've gone numb years ago.

hate -- it drove me this far, despite how many people said it would never happen.

love -- so we can have our hearts broken and our spirits shattered.

birth -- without it, we could never learn the good graces of death.

childhood -- so we could learn repression to help us with the rest of our lives.

television, movies and magazines -- so they can live our lives for us.

elementary school and high school -- it put us in our place and stripped away our identities.

college -- it 's the only way degenerates, lowlifes and idiots can buy respect and authority over the more talented and less fortunate social classes.

church -- so people too illerate to read the bible for themselves can be told what it says. also, they can be told there they will never ever be good enough.

perverts -- so we could have priests, teachers, roomates, various managers and endless failed relationships.

friends -- to help us lie to ourselves.

enemies -- to tell us who we really are.

youth -- to tell us how much we will need to learn.

adultdhood -- to remind us how little we truly know.

old age -- to forget all that we once knew.

family -- to making you fee like a failure every single day of every month and every year.
this is not mine. i found it in too much coffee man magazine. i tore out the page but didn't write the date of the publication on it. information about it can be found here.

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