Friday, November 21, 2008

styles of pneumonia

while i was going through my notes, i found this. i post it here because it reminds me of my recent illness.
there's the rockin' pneumonia and the boogie-woogie flu. that phrase comes from a song of the same name. the version i know was sung by johnny rivers.

it's a play of words off this lyric by chuck berry from the song roll over beethoven: i got the rockin' pnenmonia/i need a shot of rhythm and blues

now, rockin' pneumonia and boogie-woogie flu go together like crabs and sexually transmitted diseases.

i've heard of walking pneumonia. a friend of mine who's a mailman once had it and struggled through it while he was walking his route.

some people call it the fucking pneumonia. but i find it hard to imagine two people having sex while they have pneumonia.

face it -- pneumonia is rarely fun. it's never, for example, the laughing pneumonia or the hitting-a-hole-in-one-in-golf pneumonia or hitting-the-last-second-shot-to-win-the-basketball-game pneumonia.

it's lousy, like the it's-april-14th-and-your-taxes-are-due-the-next-day pneumonia or the cleaning-out-the-raingutters-of-your-house pneumonia.

it often feels like the lying-there-and-feeling-like-hell pneumonia.

sometimes, pneumonia is just blah, like the shopping-at-the-grocery-store pneumonia. that's somewhat similiar to the shopping-at-the-mall pneumonia.

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