Thursday, November 20, 2008

second puberty

i'm middle aged, whether i like to admit it or not -- and for the record, i don't.

and i admit i'm going through what i call second puberty.

i'm growing hair in places where i didn't have it before -- my ears, my toes, my fingers, the tip of my nose, and elsewhere.

if i don't keep it trimmed up, i look like an overlooked potato that's been left in the cellar for a few months.

as for my eyebrows -- if i don't keep them trimmed, i can give andy rooney a run for his money.

i must keep this new and extra hair trimmed. women don't consider it an attractive look -- unless they're into werewolves.

now when i was going through my first puberty, i was glad -- because i was becoming a man.

now that i'm going through my second puberty, i'm sad -- because i'm becoming an old man.

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