Friday, November 21, 2008

jesus is watching you!

once upon a night, a burglar broke into a house. he shined his flashlight around as he looked for valuables to steal,

just as he saw a cd player, a voice in the dark said:

"jesus is watching you!"

the burglar clicked off his flashlight and froze. but after he didn't hear a sound, he clicked it back on and walked toward the cd player.

just as he was going to disconnect it, he heard the same voice say:

"jesus is watching you!"

this freaked out the burglar. he shined his flashlight around the room, looking for the source of the voice. the beam of light fell on a bird cage. in it was a parrot.

he said, "did you say that?"

the parrot said, "yes. i'm just trying to warn you."

the burglar said, "warn me, huh? who the fuck are you?"

the parrot said, "moses."

the burglar said, "moses! what the fuck! what kind of idiots would give the name moses to a fucking parrot?"

the parrot said, "the kind of people who would give the name jesus to a rottweiler."

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