Thursday, November 6, 2008

where babies come from

"mommy," said the little girl, "where do babies come from?"

"oh ... ah ..." her mother hemmed and hawed, until she thought of a good answer.

"well, honey," she replied, "a man and a woman fall in love and they get married. then one night, they go into their bedroom and hug and kiss and take off their clothes and, uh, make love. that's where the man puts his thingee into the woman's cooter. nine months later, a baby comes out of her cooter and they become a mommy and a daddy.

"and that's where babies come from, honey."

"oh, okay," the little girl said. "but the other night, i went into your bedroom and saw that daddy's thingee was in your mouth. when you do that, what do you get?"

the mother was silent for a few moments. then she said:


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