Sunday, November 23, 2008

a new word for your vocabulary

ace: i have a new word for the world -- and especially for your -- because i know how much you like them.

deuce: oh, great. well then -- what is it?

ace: angzi.

deuce: what does that mean?

ace: anxious, a state of anxiousness, anxiety or angst. it's a noun that way. it also can be used as an adjective and as a verb.

deuce: please demonstrate.

ace: damn -- that wait for my medical report made me angzied.

deuce: it's better as a noun.

ac: you're right there. but that's one of the glories of the english language -- you can noun verbs and verb nouns.

deuce: HUHN???

ace: think about it.

deuce: okay.

(five seconds pass.)

deuce: okay, i've thought about it. can i think about something else now?

ace: if you want to.

deuce: i've heard of the word angsty. means about the same thing.

ace: right. but angzi -- i made that up myself.

deuce: keep it up. someday, you'll get one that everybody can use.

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