Friday, October 24, 2008

how tribesmen are better than us

i once saw a documentary on television about a tribe in the rain forests of new guinea.

as i watched it, i realized that they have much better lives than we do.

they don't drive, so they don't have any gasguzzling accidentprone suvs on the road with psychotic drivers driving them.

they're not over weight, because they're huntergatherers and moving on foot all the time.

they don't have televisions, so reality shows or lousy commercials or maury povich are nowhere near them.

they don't have computers or telephones, so they don't get any spam or telemarking calls at dinner time.

they don't have radios, so they don't listen to a playlist of the same 20 to 30 songs played every day, chosen by some corporation that's out of town.

they don't live in thouses, so they don't have any big down payments or monthly payments to make. and they'res definitely no change of their homes getting repossessed.

they don't have to worry about buying and cleaning clothes because they wear loincloths.

are they simple? i wouldn't say that.

primitive? maybe.

minimalist? definitely.

they live hardcore -- stripped to the bone.

they make american survivalists look like fat, spoiled pigs -- and let alone how they compare to the rest of us.

we could learn something from them.

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