Wednesday, October 22, 2008

their prospects? not the best

temperatures this morning were in the low 30s, and the sun came up on the first frost of the season.

while i was scraping the forst from the windows of my car, i noticed some of the women who live in the apartment complex were standing with their children and waiting for the school bus.

"the bus is coming!" one of the women said -- as if the kids couldn't see it themselves.

these women -- so protective of their children -- future rocket scientists, for sure.

that's doubtful.

for the last year or two, the apartment ownership has been renting to white trash lumpen rural proletariats in their 20s -- guys with neck tattoos and bad attitudes, and the women who love them. it's doubtful they'll ever get out of that rut. and if their children ever advance up or out of that social and economic class, it would be very unusual -- practically a miracle.

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