Thursday, October 23, 2008

an occurance in a men's room

davis was driving back from san antonio, where he had gone to visit some relatives, to his home in the chicago suburbs.

he wanted to get back as soon as he could, so he decided to drive straight through. he drank a lot of coffee to stay awake. but soon the urge to pee came to him quickly and strongly.

somewhere along i-44, either in northeastern oklahoma or southwestern missouri, he pulled off the road and went into a rest area. he went up to a urinal and han unzipped his pants to pee when he heard a voice say:

"hey -- what's up?"

he looked around and saw that the restroom was unoccupied except for him and someone in a toilet stall.

davis hesitated for a moment, then replied:

"not much."

time passed. the voice from the stall then said:

"what'cha doing?"

davis became to feel uncomfortable but didn't want to be rude, to he replied:

"going to chicago from san antonio."

the voice then said:

"want to come over?"

then davis felt very uncomfortable. he finished peeing, went to a sink to wash his hands, and said:

"no. i don't think so."

as he washed and dried his hands, davis heard the voice say:

"hey -- can i call you back? some asshole's in the bathroom answering everything i said."

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