Saturday, October 4, 2008

the humor of turtles

i've noticed this. maybe you have, too.

turtles are natural comedians.

they're funny in that lumbering, doe-dee-doe way they have as they crawl. and when their heads go in and out of their shells -- it's high-larious!

it's also fun to mess with turtles. you'll say to one -- "hey, yertle! your shell would make a hell of a soup bowl! and you'd make a tasty soup, too!"

yertle will give you a look as if to say:

"i'm gonna come over there and bite you!"

then he'll start crawling toward you. he will get you if you stay in one place long enough, because turtles are kn

own to be slow but persistent.but when he gets near you, all you have to do is move a few feet -- a couple of yards, maybe.

his head will go in and out of his shell in incomprehension, and he'll give you a look as if to say:

"damn you, swifty!"

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