Wednesday, October 1, 2008

stripper librarian

nate used to go to strip clubs a lot more than he did now. in fact, he hadn't been to a strip club since he was busted for drunk driving in the early 1990s. and strip clubs would rather sell alcohol to its patrons instead of, say, bottled water, coffee or soft drinks.

he was at a strip club in the late 1980s on the northeast side of indianapolis, not that far where he was living at the time. while he was there, he saw a stripper who caught his attention because:
  • she was a natural brunette instead of a blonde from the bottle.
  • her breasts looked natural.
  • she didn't wear a thong.
  • she wore glasses.
nate got her attention, so she came to his table and gave me a lap dance. as she was grinding away, he asked her,"what's your name, honey?"

"elizabeth," she said.

he noted that she said elizabeth -- instead of some variation of crystal or tiffany.

"do you do this full time, honey?" nate asked. "because you're really good at it."

"no," she replied. "i'm doing this to pay for school. i'm studying to be a librarian."

tell yourself whatever you want to believe, he thought. just keep doing what you're doing now, because ... me like this a whole bunch!

he gave elizabeth a little extra for a tip.

ten years later, nate had to do some research for a project, so he went to the central library in downtown indianapolis. behind the customer service desk was --

elizabeth herself!

now if you've ever noticed it before, librarians usually don't doll up. but she looked good -- very good -- even after 10 years had passed. compared to the other librarians, she was the equivalent of a sports illustrated swimsuit model.

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