Thursday, October 30, 2008

don't count your chickens until ...

don't count your chickens until they come home to roost.
i point my finger
at no particular
but --
the atmosphere
is terrible here!
you'll fold like patio furniture on a windy day.
a rictus of a smile
a man who becomes a vegetarian not for his sake, but for the sake of the animals.
just remember tonight's safe word:
mmpff! MMMPFF!
a bunch of dangerous things packed in a shipping crate and unloaded in the middle of the night.
the Q family:
curly Q, the father -- as bald as a rock.
susie Q, his wife
curlie sue Q, their oldest daughter
barbie Q, their youngest daughter -- a real doll!
the Q ball
the T ball
the T bill
the T bag
sleep depraved
a man who's not allowed to swim in the gene pool.
the rich ye shall have with you always.
the penis, more names for it:
the magnificent love muscle.
or if you're hispanic, senor ricardo.
i had a girlfriend. she had a belly button.
i have a lover. she has a navel.
don't walk by any graveyards, baby. you'll make the deadmen rise -- in more ways than one!"
so far, so bad.
but --
when there's room
for more despair,
you're haven't hit bottom --
remember --
the worst has not yet come
when you can say,
"this is the worst."
and the worst is death.
pigeons are no more than doves with bad attitudes.
banging like baboons in boiling-hot heat.
that's it for now of these jottings i had written down during the last year. when i go through some old notebooks, i'm sure i'll have more and i'll post them when i get enough of them.

so to close, i say this:

fornicatii omnes illegitimatii en tuus rectii.

that's my version of dog latin for fuck all you bastards in your assholes.

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