Monday, October 13, 2008

maybe yes, maybe no

this is a copy of the current indiana license plate. the motto in god we trust is optional.

i chose not to get it. it's not because i'm an atheist, but a deist. i believe in that there is something out there larger and greater than ourselves, but don't think it's male, or that he had a son who came to earth to redeem humanity.

i just don't trust the people who have that motto on their license plates. it could be used -- and probably is -- as a code to signal who, among hoosier motorists, are the righteous ones.

the self-righteous ones, i call them. i'm tired of these church-going asses.

and i bet those church-going asses have some operatives in the bureau of motor vehicles apparatus who note the people who have -- and especially don't have -- that motto on their plates.

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