Sunday, October 19, 2008

a mean man and his defender

a kid spilled a glass of water and the glass broke. his father was an angry and impatient man. he punished the kid by thrashing him, then throwing him outside.

the kid ran to a nearby park. there, he sat on a swing and cried. between sobs, he said, "my dad is mean!"

a neighbor was walking by and heard the kid. he stopped and said, "you're right, sonny. i've known your old man for years now, and he's a mean son of a bitch!"

the kid stopped crying, walked up to the man and kicked him in the shins. "shut up!" he said. "no one talks that way about my dad!"
this is my version of a joke i read about 30 years ago in a magazine article about family dynamics.

when you think about the way some families are structured, it isn't that much of a joke.

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